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If you have ever heard the saying "Happiness is Beauty" here at Sunrise Salon we could not believe this to be more true. When beauty comes from happiness, it does not matter how simple, chic, or glamorous you are. The internal glow that confidence creates is not measurable. Here at Sunrise Salon, we have many talented and passionate stylists whose goal is to leave you feeling confident after every service. Each stylist will take the time to sit down with you for a consultation before your appointment so that they can focus on what exactly it is that you want and need for your hair. As well as you leaving with a great style after your appointment, your stylist will show you techniques on how to up keep your hair at home.


Professional Staff

Jo Farris, Hair Stylist

Specialty: Color Specialist, Womens, Men & Childrens Haircuts, Non Laser Tattoo Removal, Permanent Makeup. Member of S.P.C.P (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals).

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Hair stylists not pictured include: Susi, Viki, Candy, Tori, Ivy, Karen, Gwenna, April, and Dee.

Woman's Haircut & Design | $ 35.00 +

A great cut begins with a great consultation. As master designers it's important for us to really understand what you are needing and desiring in your look. Wash, Cut, Complete Style and Detailed Finish included.

Gentleman's Cut | $ 25.00 +

Consistency in cut after cut makes it worth it to devote your loyalty to a proficient stylist. Precision, detail and manipulation is key when perfecting our gentleman's cut.Wash, Cut, Detail and Rinse included..

Detailed Style | $ 25.00 +

When perfection in your style is required, allow us to wash, blow-out and smooth/curl/plump your hair to beyond airbrushed perfect.Wash included if necessary.

Color Enhancement | $ 85.00 +

An even change of color from scalp to ends exchanging dull and lifeless into rich and vibrant. Cut and Full Style included.

Root Refinement | $ 85.00 +

A color touch up of virgin grow-out at the scalp.

Full Weave | $ 120.00 +

A highlighting method of color application creating a palette of depth as natural or bold as you desire.A full weave is recommended when desiring to create a color palette change, or to blend the visibility of non-colored hair every second-third color service.

Partial Weave | $ 85.00 +

A hint of highlights around the face our across the crown of the head. Adding a perfect adjustment in dimension to blend non-colored grow out, or to create a new aspect. Cut and Style included.

Special Occasion | $ 45.00 +

Up-do's, soft curls and unique styling options for all occasions.On-site hair services for Special Occasions is available with required deposit and additional service charges.

Permanent Curls / Permanent Straightening / Relaxer | $ 85.00 +

Haircut and Light Style included.

Hair Extensions | CALL

Haircut and Light Style included.

Listed menu prices for hair services may vary depending on the length, density, and previous color deposit of the hair, as well as the work of the individual hair stylist. Consultations are complementary and recommended.
All Sunrise Salon Stylists are Independent Contractors. When you receive a service from one our talented artists, 100% of your service dollars, goes directly to the stylist. This is our way of attracting only the most talented professionals whom meet or exceed our salons expectations in hair design.