Our nail technicians offer a variety of options for nail care. From shellac to full sets to pedicures, our highly experienced nail technicians are here to leave you feeling confident and pampered. Treat your hardworking hands and feet to a nail service at Sunrise Salon because you deserve it!


Professional Staff

Tiffany Marie, Nail Technician

Specialty: Manicures and pedicures. Shellac/gel application and certified in many styles of nail art. One of the only nail artists in Oregon that offer the Acrylic Dipping System of SNS and ACN. Acrylic applied like a Shellac/gel polish without the odor of acrylic liquid or uv light. Soaks off like a shellac/gel manicure and is safe on nails.

For the month of September you will receive $10 off your first service with Tiffany.

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Full Set | $ 50.00 +

Enhance your nails with a full re-design. By adding tip extensions, followed by an application of Gel or Acrylic to shape and smooth to your perfect desire.Gel Polish, Pink and White, or Traditional Polish is included.

Acrylic Dipping System | $ 45.00 for overlay, $55 for full set

Not gel, and not acrylic. Odor free, with easy application. Extremely light weight and durable plus healthier for your nail by added vitamin E and calcium.

Back Fill | $ 33.00 +

The sign of a healthy nail bed is growth! Reclaim the perfection of Pink and White nails, bringing the white of the tip back closer to the cuticle. Followed by filling in the grow out area with just the overlaying product of Gel or Acrylic.Pink and White Gel or Acrylic is included. Back fills are not necessary at every fill appointment, unless requested.

Fill & Toe Fill | $ 28.00 +

The required filling in of the grow out area with just the overlaying product of Gel or Acrylic. Gel Polish, Pink and White or Traditional Polish is included.

Repairs | $ 8.00 +

Accidents happen. From minor to re-build, we can have you back to good as new. If required, a new tip may be added; an overlay of gel or acrylic will reshape and have you back to new again. Gel Polish, Pink and White or Traditional Polish included.

Polish Change | $ 10.00 +

Change is good. Options are better. Natural or Enhanced, you can be as mellow or bold as you choose. Pink and White or Traditional Polish included.

Spa Manicure | $ 25.00 +

Naturally beautiful nails require care when desired to look picture perfect. With a warm cuticle soak, we can nurture your nail beds. After a soothing hand massage, shaping and polish will leave your hands looking and feeling flaunt worthy!Natural Buff, Clear Polish, or Traditional Polish included.

"MAN"icure | $ 20.00 +

Even the most manliest men deserve to have credit worthy hands.

Gel/Acrylic Toe Enhancement - First Set | $ 35.00 +

Imagine having PERFECTLY shaped toe nails in pink and white or long lasting color. If you happen to have just one singled out toe nail that needs attention, we can fix that too.

Spa Pedicure | $ 35.00 +

Soft beautiful feet can be yours as we begin with a whirlpool soak at just the right temperature. Complete with clip and toe nail shaping, cuticle grooming, callus and dry skin minimization, exfoliation, and re-hydration. Traditional Polish included.

Royal Spa Pedicure | $45.00 +

When you deserve a decadent treat, our Royal Spa Pedicure can fulfill your craving.Everything of a Spa Pedicure, plus a refreshing cooling mask and body melting calf and foot hydrating massage. Traditional Polish included.

All Sunrise Salon Nail Technicians are Independent Contractors. When you receive a service from one our talented artists, 100% of your service dollars, goes directly to the stylist. This is our way of attracting only the most talented professionals whom meet or exceed our salons expectations.