Our nail technicians offer a variety of options for nail care. From shellac to full sets to pedicures, our highly experienced nail technicians are here to leave you feeling confident and pampered. Treat your hardworking hands and feet to a nail service at Sunrise Salon because you deserve it!


Professional Staff


We are currently looking for an additional Full Time or Part Time full service Nail Tech to join our team!

Please Contact the Salon via phone or stop by if you are interested! 


Ley Ley, Nail Technician

Specializing in acrylics and pedicures galore. Come see Ley (pronounced Lee) at Sunrise Salon today for your artificial nail and pedicure needs!

Full Set | $ 60.00 +

Enhance your nails with a full set of artificial nails. By adding extensions to your natural nails, you will be given the opportunity to choose your shape and length for your desired outcome. Gel Polish or Traditional Polish is included. (Price increases based on additions such as designs or effects)

Fills | $ 40.00+

As your nail grows out, the shape and strength of your nail will be altered, also creating a gap near your cuticle. This is fixed by filing off the existing polish and filling in the grown out portion of the artificial nail. Gel Polish or Traditional Polish is included. (Price increases based on additions such as designs or effects)

Gel Manicure | $ 40.00 +

A long lasting manicure for your natural nails using gel polish! This process involves a base coat, a color of your choosing and a top coat; all cured in a UV lamp. This service is designed for natural nails and can be worn up to a month depending on the health of your natural nails. This service does not add extreme strength or reinforcement to natural nails. (Price increases based on additions such as designs or effects)

Classic Polish Manicure | $ 20.00 +

A classic nail polish manicure! This includes up to two colors of classic nail polish and a traditional manicure including cuticles pushed back and nails shaped.

Repairs | $ 5.00/nail +

Accidents happen. From minor to re-build, we can have you back to good as new. If required, a new extension may be added. Gel Polish or Traditional Polish included.

Polish Change | $ 10.00 +

Change is good. Options are better. Natural or Enhanced, you can be as mellow or bold as you choose. Gel Polish or Traditional Polish included.

"MAN"icure | $ 20.00 +

Even the most manliest men deserve to have credit worthy hands.

Pedicures | TBA

Currently no pedicure services are offered. Please check back for updates regarding services!

All Sunrise Salon Nail Technicians are Independent Contractors. When you receive a service from one our talented artists, 100% of your service dollars, goes directly to the stylist. This is our way of attracting only the most talented professionals whom meet or exceed our salons expectations.