Permanent cosmetics is for the busy person that has little time for preparation, and for those who like that natural look. I can enhance your natural beauty or repair nature’s mistakes.

If you are allergic to cosmetics, wear contact  lenses, enjoy athletic activity, have limited dexterity or you just can’t see without your glasses, then you owe it to yourself to see just how great you can look all the time.

Eye Brows | $ 400.00

Enhance or create brows in a natural looking hair stroke and color.

Eye Liner | $ 450.00

Enhance lashes thus opening up the eye with any size line and color. Uplift and emphasize the look of your eyes.

Lip Line | $ 425.00

Define and improve the size and/or shape of your lips.

Full Lip | $ 550.00

Enhance the size and/or shape of your lips with natural or radiant colors.

Blush | $ 400.00

Create the natural healthy look. Restore the sun-kissed, natural look to your face with gracefully blended colors.

Scar Camouflage | Ask for pricing

Permanent makeup is especially effective in re-pigmenting skin lightened from scaring.

Eyelash Perm & Tint | $ 50.00

Dramatize your eyes with eyelashes that flatter an uplift.

All procedures include your initial service and TWO touch-ups. Touch-ups are to be done within a TWO MONTH time.

Permanent Makeup Testimonials

Before my full lip procedure, I had absolutely no lip color...but now they are a natural healthy color. Sometimes I still wear lipstick but I don’t really have to. Eyeliner is the next procedure I want Jo to do.
— La Donna / Cosmetologist
I’m a big baby about needles, but it was like the tiny tapping of a felt pen. Jo has a very delicate touch. My eyeliner looks wonderful with my coloring. I like to pretend that I always looked this good in the morning!
— Susan / Graphics Designer
Fear was the only bad part, but Jo was attuned to my reactions all the time. My only discomfort was a slight feeling of chapped lips, nothing worse. Now I can meet a client at a moment’s notice and look good.
— Cathy / Realtor
I had full lips done because I had scars from cold sores. And then I had the arches of my eyebrows made higher. No one can tell that it’s tattooing and I look more wide awake now! Jo made me feel very comfortable.
— Lynne / Sales
Someone else did a terrible job on my eyebrows. The blue-grey color looked so awful that I concealed it with eyebrow pencil. Jo removed the old color and used a subtle, natural auburn to go with my coloring. My eyebrows look great!
— Linda / Bookkeeper
My new eyebrows, eyeliner and lips look neat! Lipstick kept getting in the creases around my lips and it was hard to put on makeup without glasses. Jo is a real professional.
— Janice / Retired


What exactly is “permanent makeup”?
Permanent makeup is sometimes called permanent cosmetics, derma-pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing. Micro-implantation of mineral extract (blended pigments) under the skin gives the appearance of natural , glowing beauty. These pigments are available in a full spectrum of colors, particularly earth and flesh tones, and are carefully mixed. This ancient practice has beautified Asian women for centuries and is now available through safe and modern technology.

How long does the procedure take?
The in-office procedure takes one to two hours. I usually do two applications.

Is the procedure painful?
Everyone has a different pain threshold. Although a topical anesthesia is used, there may be a brief, slight discomfort. Most people resume normal activities immediately.

Is the procedure safe?
I am a Certified Professional Color Technician (CPCT). My color pigments and products are all-natural, hypo-allergenic and FDA tested. Only new disposable micro-needles are used and the highest standard of sterilization is practiced.

What if I don’t want this color in ten years?
The color fades within four to five years. Often people will keep the color longer. However, ultra-violet rays can increase fade time.

As a result of the fading, what is the waiting period for touch-ups?
‘Color boosts’ are done after a three to five year period.

If I am completely unhappy with the pigment used for my permanent procedure, can it be undone?
Modifications can be done to lighten, darken or camouflage the area pigmented. Some pigments are easily lighted with pigment remover.